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The Lost Tarpon and Other Short Stories

By Philip Reid Hirsh, Jr.

The Lost Tarpon and Other Short Stories


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ISBN – 978-0-9849214-2-3    •    Paperback    •    Page Count – 206    •    Size – 6 x 9

Philip Hirsh, with his eclectic personality and his ability to spin a good yarn, presents his new book, The Lost Tarpon and Other Short Stories. In this book , Hirsh’s imagination goes over the proverbial top. Readers will wonder if the good doctor of psychiatry has gone borderline batty.

What could a politically astute silverfish , a golf ball thief, and a gay Bible salesman have in common? In the real world, not much. But flowing out of the mind of Philip Hirsh, they become players in a diverse collection of stories , an allegorical wonderland filled with people (and other creatures) struggling to find happiness using the full array of man’s favorite coping mechanisms like chicanery, manipulation, deception, and everyone’s favorite—murder.


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