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Failure to Appear

By Robert Moses

Failure to Appear


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ISBN – (PB)978-0-9975226-0-0, (Kindle) 978-0-9975226-1-7   •    Paperback, Ebook*    •    Page Count – 154    •    Size – 6 x 9           *Ebook available through Amazon.com for $3.99

Attorney Roy Cole’s client is in the wind. Arrested for leaving the scene of a minor fender bender, Edgar Dobbs disappears before his court date. Attorney Cole calls in his good friend Nate Simon, a retired Military Police investigator, to track Edgar down. Nate soon finds himself embroiled in a sequence of events, involving the mob, the police, and Edgar’s wealthy and beautiful wife. Utilizing high tech analytical hardware, Nate with help from his lifelong friend, former FBI forensic expert Lorenzo Torres, race against time and the mob to find Edgar.

This Nate Simon thriller untangles the web created by a meaningless traffic mishap that envelops all those it touches. Nate and his associates relentlessly pursue yet another unconventional assignment.


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