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Confederate Gold

By Robert Moses

Confederate Gold


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ISBN – (PB) 978-0-9992885-5-9, (Kindle) 978-0-9992885-7-3   •    Paperback, Ebook*    •    Page Count – 262    •    Size – 6 x 9           *Ebook available through Amazon.com for $3.99

“Zack was killed this morning! You have to help me!”

And so Lorenzo Torres arrives in Lexington, Virginia to the cries of murder by a prize bull at the farm of his former boss and mentor, Dr. Zachery Watson. Unable to make sense of the dubious circumstances of Zack’s death, Lorenzo enlists the help of his business partner, investigator Nate Simon, the only person he is certain to have the competence and tenacity to discover the truth.

Fans of Failure to Appear will rejoice at the reunion of Nate Simon and his associates as they bring the full power of the United States government to a community entrenched in its Civil War history, unearthing a 129-year-old legend that some would rather keep hidden. Tailed by a corrupt constabulary, Simon remains one step ahead to discover the identity of the real killer and bring them to justice.


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