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Surviving Justice

By Philip Reid Hirsh, Jr.

Surviving Justice


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ISBN – 978-0-9992885-0-4 (PB), 978-0-9992885-2-8 (ebook)   •    Paperback, Ebook*    •    Page Count – 384    •    Size – 5½ x 8½

*Ebook available through Amazon.com for $4.99

If prison was bad, this is worse—he’s got nothing left to lose.

George Laine was falsely accused, framed by his lawyer, and sentenced to death. What possible way is there for one man to fight back? How can he fight against the unholy union of evil and justice?

For Laine, the answer is to stop, reverse the rules, accept the possibility of failure, and force evil to exhaust itself struggling out of its own traps.

Few men have the will to endure long enough to find a way through the maze. There is no script to follow, no sacrifice or practiced virtue that pays off. Sitting on death row has nothing more than the promise of death, and George Laine’s survival is only possible through hellish perseverance.

Evil put him there. Even when he was paroled, evil was not finished with him. Evil should have left him alone.


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