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The Last Coffin

By David Geiman

The Last Coffin


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ISBN – 978-1-7378864-6-4 (PB), 978-1-7378864-8-8 (HC)   •    Paperback, Hard Cover    •    Page Count – 254    •    Size – 5½ x 8½

A Redd Herring Novel

Sheriff Reddford Herring had no idea that the first coffin wouldn’t be the last.

Discovered in the predawn light—and blocking the train tracks—that first coffin was screwed shut and too heavy for one person to move. Morbid hoax? Fraternity prank?

More importantly, who—or what—was inside, and why?

By lifting the lid on that first coffin, Redd Herring—seasoned, widowed, and lonely—would uncover a mystery of conflicting leads and ethical compromises, one that could jeopardize the safety of an intriguing woman to whom he is immediately drawn but whose sketchy alibi makes him question everything.

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$29.95 Hardcover, $19.95 Paperback


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