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Ashes of Aerie

By Charlotte Gunn

Ashes of Aerie


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ISBN – (HC) 978-0-9849214-7-8, (PB) 978-0-9849214-8-5    •    Paperback, Hard Cover    •    Page Count – 334    •    Size – 6 x 9

The intertwining lives of the people in her rural community are at the center of this complex but “gentle” novel by Charlotte Gunn. The story is about an old woman of great force named Maria, whose death occurs at its very beginning. The development of her character and her influence upon the intertwining lives of the people in her rural community, many of whom are her relatives as well as relatives of each other, form the central narrative of the novel. The story is developed by Maria’s nephew as he works through her journal.

There is a secret in Maria’s life, something that happened in 1924. Journal entries are  absent in that year and after which her writing seemed changed in a strange way. The reader is held in suspense—suspense without anxiety, as most of the mysteries are unraveled in the course of the novel. Maria’s secret is revealed to the reader near the end of the story, but the other characters never learn what happened in that critical year.

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