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Yellow Footprints

By Jack Shipman

Yellow Footprints: 1969 Marine Corps Boot Camp, 2nd Edition


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ISBN – 978-0-9849214-5-4    •    Paperback    •    Page Count – 582    •    Size – 6 x 9

Gripping and dramatic, Yellow Footprints reveals the extraordinary journey of becoming one of the proud…and one of the few. Set in 1969 during the height of the Vietnam War, Yellow Footprints details the grueling training of Platoon 3074 to prepare them for the mighty ranks of the U.S. Marine Corps. From the harrowing first few days to the camaraderie forged by the men who shared this ordeal, author Jack Shipman presents an unrestrained look at boot camp not often viewed by the public. Yellow footprints mark the entrance to the Receiving Barracks at the U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island, South Carolina, and San Diego, California. Along with the other new recruits, Jack Shipman took his first steps on those footprints to either become a proud U.S. Marine or wash out of the toughest military training in the world. Shipman’s attention to detail and his frank assessment of his experiences offers a highly readable account for those seeking to learn the fundamentals of Marine Corps history. Now expanded and reedited, the newly released second edition of Yellow Footprints also includes many additional photos.


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