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Voices From the Hollow

By Philip Reid Hirsh

Voices From the Hollow


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ISBN – 978-0-9776841-0-5    •    Paperback    •   Page Count – 260    •    Size – 6 x 9

In Voices from the Hollow Philip Hirsh captures the heart of America’s two world system—the privileged and the working class. With the eyes of a child and the wisdom of a grown man, Hirsh explores the prejudices, universal racism of the time, elitist attitudes, and the true wealth and richness of rural American life that captivated his senses and forever shaped his belief system.

Hirsh’s writing style makes you feel as if he’s in your living room telling the hilariously funny, sometime poignant, and often revealing stories. The cultural divide that defined his early life as a young boy, following his family from suburban New York City to the family horse farm in the heart of Appalachia, is the soul of the book. With a family like his, how could Hirsh escape becoming a psychiatrist? You will develop a new and greater appreciation for your own family reading this entertaining book.


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