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The Ways of Providence

By Frank E. Grizzard, Jr.

The Ways of Providence: Religion & George Washington


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ISBN – 978-0-9768238-1-0    •    Paperback   •   Page Count – 122    •    Size – 6 x 9

This book shows the clear and undeniable role that providence played in the thoughts, actions, daily decisions, and politics of our first president. The first part of The Ways of Providence contains an overview of George Washington and his religion, and includes pieces on his parish church, the Valley Forge prayer, and a number of documents representing Washington’s most pronounced statements on religion and its role in society. The second part looks at the so-called “Daily Sacrifice” manuscript prayer journal, widely disseminated under Washington’s name since the late 19th century. Included is a reprint of the original pamphlet that erroneously attributed the prayer book to Washington, complete with illustrations of the manuscript, comparative handwriting samples, and a full transcript of the “Daily Sacrifice” prayers.


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