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From the first draft to the final published product, Mariner guides you through the intricacies of the publishing world. Having published over 50 titles, ranging from children’s illustrated stories to scholarly works by nationally prominent historians, we can help you accomplish your vision.

Mariner Publishing and Harbour Books

Over the past ten years, we’ve published over 50 books—history books, memoirs, children’s books, art books, and more. From accepting the manuscript to the final printed book, we work to produce high quality, professional books. Each book receives personalized attention from our editors and designers as we work closely with the author throughout the process.


Two Models of Publishing

We publish books using two different models of publishing.

Commission: For commission books, the author pays to have the book published, whether it is for the general public or just family and friends. Authors receive a higher royalty rate.

Underwritten by Mariner: When Mariner underwrites the book, the author does not pay for the creation of the book and receives a lower royalty rate. This model mirrors traditional publishing.


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