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From the first draft to the final published product, Mariner’s crew guides you through the intricacies of the publishing world. Having published over 80 titles, and received five Book of the Year awards, ranging from autobiographical projects, short story collections,  children’s illustrated stories to scholarly works by nationally prominent historians, we have the skills and experience to help you accomplish your vision.

Mariner Publishing, Harbour Books and Whaler Books

Over the past 15 years, we’ve published over 80 books—history books, text books, memoirs, children’s books, art books, and more. From accepting the manuscript to the final printed book, we work to produce high quality, award winning professional books. Each book receives personalized attention from our editors and designers as we work closely with the author, universities and institutions throughout the process.


Three Models of Publishing

We publish award winning books using three different models of publishing.

Commissioned Books: For commission books, the author or institution hire us to develop the complete book.  The Mariner Publishing imprint produces books highly edited to Chicago Manual of Style, for museums, universities, institutions or the general public.

To provide for the “Hybrid” market, Mariner created the Whaler Books imprint. We provide the services you want and couple them with the highest level of page, book and cover design.  Whaler books are registered with the Library of Congress. A higher than industry standard royalty is provided for Hybrid books.

All our publishing models are designed and produced to the same high standards as our traditionally published books.

Traditional Underwriting by Mariner: In this traditional publishing practice, Mariner underwrites the creation, production and marketing of the book. The author is compensated with industry competitive  royalty rates. Harbour Books are usually traditional trade books and college level text books.


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