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By Molly O'Dell



Unsolicited: 96 Saws and Quips from the Wake of the Pandemic by Molly O’Dell

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ISBN – 978-1-7349136-6-8   •    Paperback    •    Page Count – 108    •    Size – 5 x 7

If you’re ready to untangle yourself from the snares of the pandemic, read this book. Through the lens of a local epidemiology team’s initial response to the pandemic, Molly O’Dell provides a constellation of quotes, quips, and simple lessons for all of us to transition out of the pandemic mindset and live forward.


“Molly O’Dell’s Unsolicited is tonic to soothe the chronic fatigue from an ongoing pandemic. Just as O’Dell guided us through the pandemic, remarking as she does on these pages that the virus is behaving as viruses do, she leaves us now with quips to ponder about our own behavior.”

-Luanne Rife, former health reporter for the Roanoke Times


“Thought provoking and profound. My family and I read it together over a family meal and I found that it was applicable, not only to public health folks, but also to my kids. This book is a must have!”

-Paige Bordwine, Epidemiologist


“What happens when data crashes into human lives? One of the joys and frustrations of humanity is we don’t act the way the data says we’re supposed to. COVID had people trying to convince other people to do what the data told them to do. The reaction with all its humor, exasperation, silliness, and annoyance manifested itself in this book of insights into the human condition. Most are applicable to all the situations in our lives where we have no clear path forward but have to keep moving forward anyway.”

-Beth O’Connor, M.Ed., Executive Director, Virginia Rural Health Assoication


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