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Global Ink

By Claudia Schwab

Global Ink


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ISBN – 978-0-9909653-2-9   •    Paperback   •    Page Count – 144    •    Size – 8.5 x 11

Tattoos—sometimes you wonder, “What were they thinking?” And sometimes a tattoo catches your eye, and you just have to know more, so you ask, “Why?” The popularity of body art has exploded in the new millennium. Body art crosses all socio-economic boundaries, and there is a back story (no pun intended) to every tattoo. In the newly released book Global Ink: Tattoos as Art Around the World, photojournalist Claudia Schwab showcases a collection of tattoo photos and tells some of the stories behind the tattoos.

Schwab became fascinated by tattoos and devoted two years to chronicling the people and stories behind their body art, as she traveled America and Europe pursuing her other passion, film festivals.

Global Ink is a candid look at the art and the stories behind the art. There are no movie stars or celebrities on these pages, just real people with stories as personal as their tattoos. In true journalistic sense, every image was impromptu, taken where they were, as they were.

If you have a tattoo, and you probably do, you’ll enjoy the journey —the images and the stories that may remind you of yours. Even if you don’t have a tattoo, you may be interested in the art alone and find the stories behind the tattoos intriguing.


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