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American Jurisprudence

By Thomas Davidson Todd

American Jurisprudence


American Jurisprudence: An Analysis of Its Historical Roots by Thomas Davidson Todd

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ISBN –  978-1-7378864-1-9   •    Paperback    •    Page Count – 132    •    Size – 6 x 9

The purpose of this book is to identify those forces which form the historical taproot of the advocacy system of jurisprudence; and subsequently, to determine if history sustains the author’s contention that the environmental influence of the primeval wilderness was a pregnating and intimidating force, that not only projected a dominating aura over a multitude of less potent forces—to which all of the colonists were subjected—but, that by its destructive relationship with the cultural shackles of the human mind released the full force of individualism to impact upon the embryonic heritage of English jurisprudence—consequently—molding it into a uniquely American system.


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