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Marketing and Promotion

We provide a variety of book marketing and promotional services. And we write and distribute a press release about your book for free to a comprehensive contact list. Before you decide what marketing services you may need, it is essential to create a book marketing plan. We can help you develop this.

Press Release

We will write a press release about your book and distribute it to pertinent bookstores, magazines, newspapers, and organizations.

Press Kit

A press kit is a great way to present more information about your book than can be contained in a press release.

Author Cards

Author cards can be easily carried around and handed out to people to promote your book.


From simple to complex, we can create a website that will fit your book promotion needs.


Having a book signing and need a poster? We create attractive posters that encourage people to come to your event.


If you would like to submit your book to contests, we can assist you.


We can create print and digital ads to help promote your book.


Want a bookmark? A postcard? A banner? A book trailer video? Something else? We are here to help.